Dragan Andic


Dragan Andic is a 21 year old multidisciplinary artist from Toronto, Canada. He mainly focuses on portraiture but his skill set extends to many other creative fields. One of them being creative direction for artists. In the past few years he has extended his focus on behind the scenes photography for music videos, fashion editorial photography, branding for artists, and tour photography. Some of the work you will find throughout his portfolio focuses on several talented musical artists. These include Roy Wood$, NAV, 88GLAM, Ram Riddlz etc. Dragan has also released his self-titled photobook which is available on his online shop. his photobook has been sold to australia, japan, ireland, england, germany, serbia, france, across america and across canada. Dragan has had his work published on four billboards in toronto, los angeles, and in times square, new york. If you have an interest in possibly working or collaborating with Dragan, please feel free to reach out. If the prospective project is suitable, he will definitely get back to you.